Our company offers its services to aircraft owners, maintenance organizations (AMO), aeronautical schools, airlines, as well as army and rescue teams. We are the holder of the Part 145 CZ.145.0033 maintenance organization approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and also the MAA 074 maintenance license holder from the Ministry of Defense. Our staff is qualified according to PART 66 and the L1 national license, and their long-term experience and regular training guarantees the quality of the services provided.

CLS offers regular avionics maintenance, repairs, including supply of spare parts, avionics testing and calibration, software and databases updates. CLS also offers other repairs on the aircraft, such as wiring and other equipment repair.

The most frequently performed works within our service center includes:

  • Check of the pitot-static aircraft system
  • Check the COMM system
  • Check NAV system
  • Check DME system
  • Check of XPDR
  • Check IFR as complete system
  • Magnetic Compass Compensation
  • Height encoder setting
  • Reprogramming ELT
  • ELT periodical Inspection
  • Air data computer settings
  • Repair / modify of the wirings
  • Check and adjust the torque of the autopilot actuator clutches
  • Replace the battery in the device
  • Repair the device
  • Calibrate the device
  • Device Test

The scope of maintenance can be found here.

Repairs, adjustments and upgrades of devices that are not listed in the capability sheet are available in cooperation with our contractors.

If you are interested in the services offered, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or filling the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can order maintenance via the order form.