We are participating in GLOBAL DEFENSE HELICOPTER

We are participating in GLOBAL DEFENSE HELICOPTER

We are participating in GLOBAL DEFENSE HELICOPTER as an exhibitor. Meet us there.

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18th – 20th October 2022, Warsaw Hilton Convention Centre, Poland


The 9th Global Defence Helicopter 2022 (GDH22) meeting takes place in Warsaw, Poland over the 18 – 20 October 2022, building on last year’s success when we welcomed over 300+ representatives from 28 NATO and friendly countries.   It hosted a range of presentations from military and industry partners from around the world offering a real opportunity for the defence helicopter community to come together to share ideas, challenges and success stories.

The invasion of Russia in Ukraine, terrorism, migration and human trafficking, the challenge of China’s international policies, cyber and other asymmetric threats, rapid advances in space, and climate change are some of the current NATO challenges. The endorsement by its 30 member nations of the NATO 2030 agenda has global implications hence increased dialogue and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region and strengthened engagement far beyond the Euro-Atlantic area. 

With speed of response and tactical agility being at the heart of solutions to many of these defence and security challenges, rotary wing aviation – crewed and increasingly uncrewed – remains a critical capability for militaries of all sizes and capabilities.

It is therefore with pleasure that Global Defence Helicopter will return once again to Warsaw. Geographically at the heart of NATO’s response to Russian posturing towards Eastern Europe, Poland is also midway through a €43.2bn Technical Modernisation Plan for its armed forces, setting the standard for defence acquisition to counter modern as well as more traditional threats. 

Global Defence Helicopter provides the platform to address all these challenges and I am eager to ensure that nobody who may benefit from participating misses out on the chance to engage with our audience at this invite-only event. As a result, Defence Leaders are keen to welcome